Sample image from the CC-359 dataset.


The dataset has grown over the years and it was moved to:  link


General Information


 The public dataset we have developed consists of T1 volumes acquired in 359 subjects on scanners from three different vendors (GE, Philips, and Siemens) and at two magnetic field strengths (1.5 T and 3 T). Data was obtained using T1-weighted 3D imaging sequences (3D MP-RAGE (Philips, Siemens), and a comparable T1-weighted spoiled gradient echo sequence (GE)) designed to produce high-quality anatomical data with 1mm^3 voxels. Older adult subjects were scanned between 2009 and 2016.

  Smaller, private datasets in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil and Calgary, Alberta, Canada were used to randomly select the 359 subjects, except for the Philips 1.5 T data where only 59 subjects were available. Age and gender for all subjects was known, however information about subject ethnicity was not available. The Philips 3 T data (60 subjects) were collected in Campinas and the remaining data came from Calgary data sources (299 subjects). The Calgary-Campinas-359 (CC-359) dataset, including the original Nifti files, the consensus masks generated for all subjects using both  the STAPLE algorithm and a supervised classification procedure and the manual segmentations of twelve subjects. Detailed information about the acquisition parameters, such as echo time, repetition time, etc., can be provided upon request.


When using this dataset, please cite the following article.


Download information

The dataset file name conventions are the following:

  • Original: <id>_<vendor>_<field>_<age>_<gender>.nii.gz
  • STAPLE probability mask: <id>_<vendor>_<field>_<age>_<gender>_staple.nii.gz
  • "Silver standard" binary mask: <id>_<vendor>_<field>_<age>_<gender>_ss.nii.gz
  • Manual segmentation: <id>_<vendor>_<field>_<age>_<gender>_manual.nii.gz

People interested in downloading CC-359 dataset have to follow the link and fill the formulary: CC-359. Any questions about the dataset, please contact: