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Learn more about our researches on MRI and human brain image processing through advanced algoritms. 


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Latest from MICLab
We are currently looking for motivated undergraduate students to join our group and take part in one of our research projects
The MICLab team published new research on Neuorimage. The paper "An open, multi-vendor, multi-field-strength brain MR dataset and analysis of publicly available skull stripping methods agreement.", can be found here.
Event Calendar
  • 2018 April 9-11 5th BRAINN Congress - Campinas, Brazil - Save the date!
  • 2018 February 10-15 2018 SPIE Medical Imaging - Houston, USA - We had two papers accepted on the Biomedical Applications track, one on Corpus Callosum parcelation and one on Midsagittal plane computation.
  • 2017 October 16 2018 ISBI - Washington, D.C., USA - 4 pages paper submission deadline!
  • 2017 October 18-20 2017 VIP Image - Porto, Portugal - William Javier G. Herrera is presenting two papers on Diffusion-MRI based Corpus Callosum segmentation.
  • 2017 October 9-13 2017 SCHOOL ON BRAIN CONNECTOMICS - University of Verona/Italy - Gustavo Retuci Pinheiro was one of the 40 participants accepted at this winter school taking place in Italy.
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